USS Defiance (PG-95)

USS Defiance

Third US Navy ship to bear the name and named for Defiance OH. Commissioned 24 September 1969 at Boston MA and decommissioned 11 June 1973 at Izmir, Turkey. Transferred to the Turkey Navy; renamed TCG Yildirim (P-338). Destroyed by fire 11 April 1985 off the Greek island of Mitelene, near Lesbos, NE Aegean Sea Stricken from the US Naval Vessel Register 6 July 1987 in Turkey custody. DEFIANCE was the first Patrol Gunboat to transit the Panama Canal also became the first Patrol Gunboat to transit the Panama Canal twice, all within the span of one year. Adding to her firsts, DEFIANCE became the first Patrol Gunboat to enter Mediterranean waters when she sailed past Gibraltar on 3 DEC 1970.

Each command within the U.S. Navy is authorized to display an emblem and motto symbolic of its mission. The USS DEFIANCE (PG-95) insigne and motto are a derivation of that used by HMS DEFIANCE which enjoyed four centuries of history in the British Navy. Centrally featured is a strong, right hand grasping three thunderbolts. The hand symbolizes protection, power and strength, while the thunderbolts, customarily associated with the Roman God Jupiter, relate to CHANCE, DESTINY, and PROVIDENCE, forces which molded the future according to ancient custom. The Eagle, emblematic of America, is characterized by its daring flight and speed, distinct attributes of the Patrol Gunboat On APR 17, 1970 DEFIANCE instituted the "JACK SPRATT" award presented to GMG1 Homer DARROW. This award is presented to the crew member who best demonstrates dedication, and loyalty to both country and DEFIANCE, and named for a young hero aboard HMS DEFIANCE at Trafalgar.

Narrative and photos provided by Dave Donaldson.

Ship's Muster Sheet (Updated 12 March, 2014)

Arducant, Stanley Aydelott, John Collins, Montey (H) Conway, James
Coy, Norman Darrow, Homer DuPre, Thomas Evans, David
Girod, David Julius, Joseph Kelsey, Herbert Kief, Thomas
Kieley, John Kost, John LaChance, Robert Lowe, William
Monsale, Valentin Ollenburger, Terry Paramore, Gary Seech, Zachary
Thomsen, Melvin Tisi, Gerard Westby, Dale  

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