Deceased Gunboat Riders

We wish our departed shipmates fair winds and following seas on their final cruise and hope that they put in a good word for us with the Supreme Commander. List updated 17 April, 2008

If you have any additional information about these members, please let me know.

Command Unknown

USS Antelope PG-86

USS Asheville PG-84

Atchison, Hubbard

Beinbrink, Jeffrey

Blair, Delbert

Burke, James

Currie, Ronald

Gregson, Edward

Hanford, Harold

Hudspeth, Donald

Klias, Robert

Trimmer, Richard

Wellman, Russell

Berkshire, Ken

Bugno, Eldon

Burchell, Charles

Colbert, David

Hayes, Glen

Norris, Frank

Patin, Alton

Randall, Eugene

Rielman, Mark

Sapanza, Michael

Sutherland, Terry

Tucker, Charles

Vesey, Richard

West, Don

Williams, Charles

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USS Beacon PG-99

USS Benicia PG-96


Buffo, Dominic

Dodd, Charles

Donaldson, David

Skaggs, Jerold

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USS Canon PG-90

USS Chehalis PG-94

USS Crockett PG-88

Baker, Gerald

Champainge, Glen

Hamann, Glenn

Duffy, James

Goslin, John

Morlan, Ron

Bailey, Jerry

Berkshire, Ken

Boman, Doyle

Dalke, Jerry

Davies, John

Love, Glendel

Sebert, Ronald

Sessa, Louis

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USS Defiance PG-95

USS Douglas PG-100

USS Gallup PG-85

Collins, Marshall

Greig, John

Dearth, Lawrence

Goslin, John

Andrews, Harold

Baumann, Peter

Brockett, William

Clark, Robert

Murphy, James

Skripac, Steven

Sward, Steven

Swegle, Max

Wylie, William

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USS Graham County

USS Grand Rapids PG-98

USS Green Bay PG-101

Byrne, Terrence

Herceg, David

Bontrager, Merle

Dixon, Kent

Randall, Eugene

Southerland, Franklin

Squiller, James

Carroll, Thomas

Foote, Morris

Jarvis, James

Martindale, George

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USS Marathon PG-89

USS Ready PG-87

USS Surprise PG-97

Campbell, Daniel

Epple, Garry

Goplen, Arnold

Gugler, Bruce

Adams, James

Darmetta, Jerry

Flack, Monte

Gayler, Ralph

Hansen, Ed

Nermore, Arthur

Struse, Frank

Wilborn, William

Carrozzo, Fred

Costello, Chris

Lankford, Harold

Oliver, Carl

Sellers, Richard

Van Vooren, William

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USS Tacoma PG-92

USS Welch PG-93


Barnett, Kenneth

Browning, Michael

Kaminski, Richard

Morton, Karl

O'Harrow, Patrick

Bruun, Robert

Burris, Michael

Clemmons, Orville

Lankford, Harold

Schultz, Dale

Durkee, Leroy


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Honorary Members

Humphrey, Bryan

McManuels, Paul


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