The Patrol Gunboats are now history.   In 1998 we met in Peoria for the first reunion of Gunboat Riders.  Since then we have met every year.  At each reunion we give away a Dumas Model of the USS Crockett (PG-88).  So, while there are no more PG's in the fleet, there are currently several of them being built in small home based shipyards throughout the country.  Check them out!


Terry Ecclestons Shipyard located in Florida.  This shipyard opened in August, 1998 and began construction on USS Tacoma (PG-92).  The tradition begins!


Stan Zalinka raced to the raffle table, as he puts it, GUNG HO! Done in a year.  The Stan Zalinka USS Green Bay was returned to the Association right on schedule, one year later, unopened.


2001, Larry Ashim Naval Shipyard

Larry Ashim (PG-98) began construction on the Missile Shooter USS Grand Rapids (PG-98) at his shipyard in Thousand Oaks, CA.


Time to get back to basics. Chicago, home of Great Lakes Naval Training Center and the last remaining Navy Recruit Training Command was our headquarters for the 2002 Patrol Gunboat Association's 5th reunion.


Valley Forge or to be more accurate, King of Prussia, PA watched as we gathered at the Sheraton Park Ridge Hotel and Conference Center for reunion number 6.


To be fair to everyone, it was time to get back west. Wanting to do a San Francisco Reunion with out the San Francisco price tag, we had a wonderful time at the Holiday Inn in Concord, CA. Reunion number 7 is now history.


In August, 2005 we were back in the saddle again. We rounded up our Gunboatriders and herded them to Dallas, Fort Worth, TX for a great time at the Dallas, Fort Worth Airport Hilton Hotel. Putting our spurs and boots away, we had a great time at our 8th reunion.

2014 Michael Blundel Naval Shipyard August 2014, Michael Blundel won the Dumas Patrol Gunboat model at the Providence RI Reunion

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